Please note some of our postage charges have recently changed - not all for the worse, some have gone up, some have gone down.


We are trying to get the best possible value for our customers - please look to see what is the best postage method for you. If in doubt, just e-mail us at [email protected] or phone us on 01328 829944 to discuss your best postage methods.  We don't wish to profit out of posting items to you, just get them to you the best way we can.


Below is a chart of standard P&P Costs that will be automatically added to your bill if you order a book/books from us.


For this we have used an average cost.  However if you make an order, and the actual weight is well below the average, we will reduce the P&P costs before sending.  Occasionally you will see in our description that the book is very heavy, and an excess P&P is required.  When this is the case, please ask us how much the excess P&P charge is.

We do not automatically despatch books every day - usually 3 to 4 times a week. Consequently Special Delivery, which once in the system goes 'next day' often takes longer than this in reality.  Also orders that come in in the afternoon are not eligible for next day delivery.  If speed is essential to your order, please telephone us, and we will do our best to get books to you as quickly as you require them.

If this is not clear - just ask!

Automatic P&P Charges.

We apologise for the rise in postage prices for our USA customers. We hope this is temporary. It is due to Covid 19 resulting in far fewer planes going to the USA, and consequently Royal Mail are charging us fr higher prices. We are assuming that when the plane traffic returns to normal the prices will go back down!!


Destination/Method                              Est. Delivery Time                      1 Book               Additional Books

UK- Royal Mail                                                2 - 4 days                             £3.40                   £1.95 each

UK - RM Special Delivery (Insured)             1 - 2 days                             £11.00                   £2.50 each

EU Countries - Airmail                                   4 - 7 days                             £7.50                    £2.50 each

EU Countries - Airmail - Insured                  4 - 7 days                             £13.00                   £3.00 each

Rest of World except USA - Airmail             7 - 10 days                             £9.50                   £3.50 each

Rest of World USA only - Airmail                 7 - 10 days                          £15.00                   £5.50 each

Rest of World- Airmail - Insured                  7 - 10 days                         £20 .00                  £5.50 each

Rest of World - Surface Mail (Heavy)           4 - 12 weeks                        £9.00                     £4.00 each

est of World - Surface Mail - Insured         4 - 12 weeks                        £18.00                   £4.00 each

Parcel Force - UK only ( 2 kg - 10kg )           3  - 5 days                            £15.00