News for 2014.




I must be honest - I had forgotten I had a book news page on this site - and I was updating the book fairs when I suddenly noticed it. Whoops. a long time since that was updated. What news - well - we have been making New Years resolutions as regards to the business, and ones we intend to keep to this year - a little more than our normal vague 'get more organised, be tidier type resolutions.'


The main one is to work harder on customers wants lists.  We do try hard now - but day to day work gets in the way a lot of the time, and we have decided that the best way is to be  the usual New Years Resolution of Being more organised' However we have got further than that this year.  We think we have devised a system - a better system than the one we have at present. Needless to say it involves re organising the office, getting another filing cabinet, clearing out the corner which houses all Jeff's supply of odd sized boxes that 'might come in useful' for packaging odd shaped books, and our own system - both computer and corresponding hardcopy - but hopefully, it will work! So there will then be less of me findng a book that I know someone wants, but unable to find who that 'someone' is without pulling half the office apart and ending up on the floor surrounded by heaps of bits of paper whilst an exasperated Jeff looks on - this is no exaggeration believe you me, no more forgetting about books we are looking for, an altogether more efficient book finding service.  Watch this space!