Lorna Hill


Lorna Hill was born Lorna Leatham in Durham in 1902. She graduated from Durham University and married a clergyman. After attending a ballet with their daughter Vicki, Vicki decided she wanted to become a dancer, and enrolled with the Sadlers Wells company. Missing her, Lorna wrote the Sadlers Wells series to send to Vicki. She died in 1991.


Bibliography – By Series


Marjorie Series  

Published by Art & Educational

Marjorie and Co – 1948

Stolen Holiday – 1948

Border Peel – 1950


Published by Nelson

Marjorie and Co – 1958  

Stolen Holiday – 1956

Border Peel – 1956


Followed by:

Castle in Northumbria – 1953

No medals for Guy – 1962

Northern Lights (Privately published in 1999)

(Northern Lights was written in 1941. It hadn’t been published before because it featured the war, which the other Marjorie titles didn’t, and by the time a publisher had seen the books, in the late 1940s, the British public were tired of books about the war. So, Northern Lights remained in an attic until rediscovered by Lorna’s daughter Vicki – for whom it was originally written)


Patience Series  

They called her Patience (1951)

It was all through Patience (1952)

So Guy came too (1954)

The Five shilling Holiday (1955)


‘Sadlers Wells’ Series  

A Dream of Sadlers’ Wells (1950)

Veronica at the Wells (1951)

Masquerade at the Wells (1952)

No Castanets at the Wells (1953)

Jane Leads the Wells (1953)

Ella at the wells (1954)

Return to the Wells (1955)

Rosanna joins the Wells (1956)

Principle role (1957)

Swan Feather (1958)

Dress-Rehearsal (1959)

Back-Stage (1960)

Vicki in Venice (1962)

The Secret (1964)


“Dancing Peel” Series 

Dancing Peel (1954)

The Little Dancer (1956)

Dancer in the Wings (1958)

Dancer in Danger (1960)

Dancer on Holiday (1962)


“Vicarage Children” Books  

The Vicarage Children (1961)

More about Mandy (1963)

The Vicarage Children in Skye (1966)


Adult Books 
La Sylphide, The Life of Marie Taglioni (1967) 
The Scent of Rosemary (1978)
The Other Miss Perkin (1978)