Monica Edwards (1912 - 1998) , was a renowned British Author, born in Derbysgire. She is well known for her Romney Marsh and Punchbowl Farm series.

I have her 2 main series of books listed below in chronological order, as they are interlinked series which should ideally, but not essentially, be read in order. Next to the title I have put which series the title is located in. Punchbowl Farm & Romney Marsh Series No Mistaking Corker    1947    Punchbowl Farm characters(holiday adventure)
Wish for a Pony  1947    Romney Marsh Summer of the Great Secret  1948  Romney Marsh The Midnight Horse     1949    Romney Marsh The White Riders       1950    Romney Marsh Black Hunting Whip     1950    Punchbowl Farm Cargo of Horses  1951    Romney Marsh Punchbowl Midnight     1951    Punchbowl Farm + Tamzin Hidden in a Dream      1952    Romney Marsh Spirit of Punchbowl Farm  1952    Punchbowl Farm Storm Ahead    1953    Romney Marsh

The Wanderer   1953    Punchbowl Farm No Entry       1954    Romney Marsh Punchbowl Harvest      1954    Punchbowl Farm The Nightbird  1955    Romney Marsh Frenchman's Secret     1956    Punchbowl Farm

Operation Seabird      1957    Romney Marsh Strangers to the Marsh  1957    Romney Marsh

 The Cownappers  1958    Punchbowl Farm plus some Romney Marsh characters



No Going Back  1960    Romney Marsh

The Outsider   1961   Punchbowl Farm + Romney Marsh characters The Hoodwinkers  1962   Romney Marsh

Dolphin Summer                      1963     Romney Marsh Fire in the Punchbowl   1965    Punchbowl Farm plus some Romney Marsh characters

The Wild One                           1967     Punchbowl Farm plus some Romney Marsh characters

A Wind is Blowing                     1969     Romney Marsh




Other children's Fiction

Joan Goes Farming     - career novel      1954

Rennie Goes Riding    -career novel        1956

Killer Dog                  - Stand alone       1959

Under the Rose - Stand alone 1968

Autobiographical - Titles

These are in chronological order, and should ideally be read in that order.

The Unsought Farm                           1954

The Cats of Punchbowl Farm              1964

The Badgers of Punchbowl Farm         1966

The Valley and the Farm                    1971

Badger Valley  1976


Short Stories by Monica Edwards:


'The Champions' in A Book of girls Stories; Hamlyn, 1979;