Books & Ephemera Wanted


We actively look for books for our customers. For our own stock, we require many more titles - probably several from the authors below - but these particular wants below are books our customers have specifically asked us for, and as yet we have not located.

People are looking for books, often from their youth, that they would love to read again. Other customers wish to complete their collection of books by an author, but just can't find the last few.  Some are valuable, some are not - but all are elusive.  If you have any of the following that you no longer require, we may have a new home for it.  Just let us know what it is (from the list below) - and a rough description of its edition and condition, and how much you want for it, and we will pass the details on to our customers to see if it fits their 'want'.

Thanks in hope


Updated - July 2015 - Books wanted



Individual Titles

Mitchell - Yvonne - But Wednesday Cried (children's cat story from the 1970's)

Wide-awake Jake - 1970's book.

Bayley, Viola - Little Mallows

Seeking Enid Blyton, and especially Famous five ephemera and accessories- for example old famous five jigsaws, and the windsheater and sweatshirt produced in the 1950s for members of the Famous five club, (it had the logo on!).


General - Books Wanted


Many good quality childrens titles. Send a list wherever possible. Authors we are especially seeking, preferably 1st editions in dustwrappers, but all considered, are:

W E Johns; Lorna Hill; Viola Bayley; Mabel Esther Allan; Enid Blyton;Sheila Stuart; Dahl, Roald - 1st editions in d/w; 

Rupert & Beano Annuals - pre 1968 and only very good condition;

Crime Fiction (not ex -library unless extremely scarce)- Please send a list and we will quote you a buying price. Examples of authors we are seeking are:

Christopher Bush - 1st editions in dustwrappers

Agatha Christie - 1st editions in d/w preferred

Mary Fitt - 1st editions in d/w

Ian Fleming - 1st editions in d/ws

Alan Hunter - 1st editions in dustwrappers

Stuart Palmer - 1st editions in d/w's

John Rhodes - 1st editions in d/w

Miles Burton - 1st editions in d/w 

Lorac - 1st editions in d/w preferred

We do buy vintage crime paperbacks and reprints in d/ws, 1st editions without d/w's, but for considerably less, and much more selectively.



Illustrated Books

We are also seeking Good quality illustrated Books, with Illustrators such as - Arthur Rackham; Dulac; Gladys Peto; Anne Anderson; Mabel Lucie Attwell; Outhwaite;  Nielsen & beautiful fairy illustrators.


We are especially looking for 1st edition Enid Blytons in dustwrappers at present. Also required are early editions of childrens classics,

and good quality illustrated books.

We are also seeking good quality crime fiction in duswrappers including Agatha Christie, particularly earlier works, and crime fiction pre 1960's, the earlier the better!


 We stock books which include the following authors:

  • BB (Watkins-Pitchford)
  • Winifred Finlay
  • Mabel Esther Allan
  • Enid Blyton
  • Dorita Fairlie Bruce
  • Gladys Mitchell
  • Violet Needham
  • EllestonTrevor
  • Monica Edwards
  • Elsie Oxenham
  • Antonia Forest
  • Lorna Hill
  • Malcolm Saville
  • Welch, Ronald
  • Elinor Brent-Dyer
  • W E Johns
  • Bodley Head Career Stories
  • Pamela Mansbridge
  • John Pudney

However this is not an exhaustive, we also stock many other authors of children's fiction, with a leaning towards girls school stories, boys school stories, pony stories, children's adventure stories and similar.

Good quality illustrated children's book are also available, especially old editions by authors:


  • Arthur Rackham
  • Dulac
  • Kay Nielsen
  • Watkins-Pitchford



Also lovely illustrated fairy items wanted - books & ephemera. General Fiction, Crime Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Fiction, Transport, History, War & Military, Aircraft, Naval, Trains, Topography, Travel, Brids, Natural History, Country Matters, Sport, Horse's & Horse riding, Angling, Games, Biography, Autobiography, Crafts & Hobbies, Alternative Medicine, Health & Beauty, Art, Architecture, Cookery, Music, Humour, Poetry, Reference, Theatre & TV, True Crime, Supernatural, Maps, Royalty, Antiques, Academic, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Politics and many more. However Generally  We are not looking to buy in these areas.