Enid Blyton Short Stories


People often know the title of 1 particular story they are seeking, but not the book it is in.

Consequently I am starting to list the books of short stories with their contents. This is a 'work in progress' so if you don't see the story you are looking for yet, please be patient! I am also listing at the moment, Enid Blyton short stories that are not in Enid Blytons books, but that can be founbd in general anthologies of children's stories.



The Big Enid Blyton Story Annual - 1972

The tale of Chuckle and Pip

The Christmas Tree Pig

The Magic Sweet Shop

They don't believe in Fairies

Mr Snifty's Dustbin

Little Mr. Woffles

Oh, bother Granny

'I'm coming to live with you'

The Mouse that lost his Whiskers

'Quick! Save me'


Five Minute Tales

1. Brer Rabbit's House.

2. Dame Twiddle's gold.

3. The Sillies.

4. The runaway Goats.

5. The Greedy Yellowhammer.

6. Snippysnap the Tailor.

7. Brer Rabbit and Mr. Dog.

8. The twelfth Fisherman.

9. The man, his boy and the donkey.

10. The axe in the ceiling.

11. What the traveller found.

12. Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

13. The Singing Kettle.

14. Goblin Glue.

15. The King with the Ass's Ears

16. The donkey that laughed

17. Coo-roo, the vain pigeon

18. The foolish donkey

19. Brer Rabbit and the tar-baby

20. Pixie Gloves

21. The 3 wishes

22. The broken pot.

23. the cuckoo left behind

24. The wind and the sun.

25. Brer Rabbit is tricked.

26. The story of Echo and Narcissus.

27. Littlefeet and the thrush.

28. The animals' band

29. The complaining tadpole.

30. Brer rabbit and the meat.

31. The cock and the fox.

32. The tiger, the brahman and the jackhal

33  The slave of the stone.

34. The tale of the admiral

35. Brer Wolf's Trick

36. The Lark and the cornfield

37. Tuppeny and the Pink Plums

38. The clever wife.

39. Tippitty tells a tale

40. Brer Rabbit's Cow.

41. The Chocolate Rabbit.

42. The Golden Pennies.

43. The Birthday Cake.

44. Sandy and the Moon.

45. The Little Christmas Tree.

46. Mister Sh !

47. Old Brer rabbit, he's a good fisherman!

48. Chip, the guinea-pig.

49. The Lazy Rook.

50. The bad sixpenny bit - I

51. The bad sixpenny bit - II

52. Hot roast chestnuts

53. Brer Rabbit again.

54. The Sugar Stork.

55. The toadstool frills.

56. The vain fox.

57. Pixie Sandals

58. 'Pink-pink !'

59. Brer Rabbit and Mr Lion

60. Hey diddle-Diddle.


Ten-Minute Tales (1st edition 1934)

1. Mr. Pipkin's Hat

2. When the Queen came to tea

3. The snippety Goblins

4. The talking Poll-Parrot

5. The fox and the six cats

6. Hee-haw and the Lions

7. The dog whose tails wouldn't wag

8. The roundabout man

9. The Little singing Linnet

10. The big bouncing ball

11. Buttercup and the Moon

12. The enchanted spade

13. Simon fetches the horse

14. Simon loses the baby

15. The swallow that was left behind

16. The enchanted galoshes

17. The blowaway morning

18. The pixie who paid for the tides

19. Pinnikin's Prank

20. Chipperdee and the Squirrel

21. Tiddler Mouse Talks

22. Buttercup Magic

23. The magician's Inkpot

24. The Pig with a straight tail

25. Wizard Grumpity-Groo

26. Angelina's Great Adventure

27. One good turn deserves another

28. Jim and the princess

29. Old Mother Hubbard


Twenty-Minute Tales (1st edition 1940)

1. Feefo, The Pixie Dog

2. The Two Red Indians

3. The Hidey-Hole

4. The three strange keys

5. The Goblin chair

6. The Noah's Ark Puppy

7. The Tale of Sammy Skittle

8. The Magic Toffee

9. The Big Blue Cat

10. Snip-Snap the Enchanter

11. Too clever for Mr Slick

12. Toy Town Adventures

13. The Enchanted Cushion


Seven O'clock Tales - - 1st edition 1943

1. The Enchanted Shoe-Lace

2. That little red Imp.

3. The Little Fat Dormouse

4. The Greedy Black Golliwog

5. Timothy Toad

6. Brer Rabbit Gets in a Fix

7. The Polite Little Boy

8. The Skippetty Shoes

9. Jerry's Lost Temper

10. Mr. Tickles' Green Pen

11. Good Old Tinker-Dog!

12. Janet and her friends

13. Inside the Dolls' House

14. The Cross Little Girl

15. The Stupid Donkey

16. Clever Old Jumbo

17. A surprise for Mr. Widdle

18. A basket of Brownies

19. The very fine tail

20. Mister Stupid and Too-Smart

21.The Little Boy who Cried

22.The Pink Teddy-Bear

23. When the Stars fell down

24. Poor Mister Greedy!

25. The Great Big Dog

26. Get on, Little Donkey!

27. The Magic Wash-Tub

28. The Lonely Rabbit

29. The Little Bag of Salt

30. Poor Sally Simple!


I'll Tell you a Story (1st edition 1943)

1. The Peppermint party

2. The Old shipwreck tree

3. Skippo's Prank

4. The Tadpole and the Duckling

5. The Meddlesome toys

6. The money box Pig

7. What happened to a smile

8. Sly the cat and smart the dog

9. The two cocks

10. Mr Miggles spectacles

11. The very cross farmer

12. The squirrel and the mouse

13. Hunt the thimble

14. Billy the goat

15. The skittles and the Soldiers

16. The twisty gnomes stockings

17. The Bold golliwog

18. Grown-up William

19. The daring Clown

20. The Goblin in the box.


Title - I'll Tell You another Story (1st edition 1942)

1. The Dumpy-Witch's Garden

2. Jimmy's Lucky Day

3. The Tail of Sausages

4. Knick-Knocks Bad Temper

5. The Wizard's Watering Can

6.The Knotty Handkerchief

7. The Little chocolate Man

8. Poor Old Podge

9. Wanted - A Royal Snow-Digger

10. Nobbly-One the Gnome

11. The Lost Gnome

12. Bim-Bam's Magic Currants

13. The Enchanter's Kite

14. The clever toy policeman

15. The Little Pixie-Cat

16. The Pirate-Ship

17. The boy who didn't think


Enid Blyton's Merry Story Book - (1st edtion 1943)

1. The Lost Hum

2. The Pantomime Cat

3. A Spell for a Puppy

4. The Banana Robber

5. The Doll with Straight hair

6. Snubby's Tail

7. The White Golliwog

8. Bubbly's Trick

9. The Flying Kite

10. Three bad Brownies

11. The Birds and the Bun

12. The Shivery Snowman

13. The Strange Doll

14. A Basket of Surprises

15. Sally Dumble's Trick

16. Binkie's Adventures

17. Peter's Big Magnet

18. Good Old Shelly-Back!


Enid Blyton's Gay Story Book (1st edition 1946)

1. The kitten that disappeared

2. The three sailors

3. The untidy Pixie

4. The bad-tempered doll

5. Pippity's Joke

6. Let's Play Worms

7. Tig and Tag

8. Dame Poke around

9. The foolish Green frog

10. The Little Horse Tricycle

11. Hallo, Rabbit

12. Grumph the rocking horse.

13. The Greedy Rabbit.

14. Off to the moon.

15. The fire in the nursery

16. The Shepherd boy and the goblin.

17. That tiresome Brownie.

18. The Easter Chickens.

19. Annabelle's Little Thimble


Enid Blyton's Sunny Story Book (1st ed. 1945)

11. The 13 oclock.

2. The kickaway shoes

3. Jinky the jumping frog

4. The Little toy stove

5. The beautiful cricket ball

6. The naughty sailor doll

7. The quarrelsome toys

8. Holes in his stockings

9. He didn't believe in fairies

10. Big-eyes the enchanter

11. The clever toy drum

12. The dog who would go digging

13. Dame Thimble and her matches

14. How John got his ducklings

15. Goldie and the toys

16. Muzzling the cat

17. The real live fairy doll.


The Bright Stories

Forgetful Fanny

The Little Brown Bear

Hold your tongue

They can't catch Brer Rabbit

The Man who drew faces

Santa Claus gets busy

The Little Girl who was shy

One Christmas Eve

A shock for Mister Meanie

The new little milkman

Because my mother does

Jack gets a chance

Five times five are...

The boy who borrowed

The wishing feather


The Little White Duck and other stories (1st ed 1946)

1. Belinda All alone

2. The Please-and-thank-you cakes

3. That lovely silver pencil

4. The unhappy weather-cock

5. Poo-too's red paint

6. Peter at the Party

7. Chairs for the elves

8. The Little Wild horse

9. Butterfingers!

10. The three chocolate bears

11. The tale of Bushy the fox

12. The Little white duck

13. The shop over the way

14. Micky the Meddler

15. The stupid little girl

16. The magic seaweed

17. The bad dog next door

18. Billy's Magic Belt

19. Where the egg went to

20. Bessie's big spider

21. How Peter saved the train

22. The duck with a hole in it

23. Peggy's musical box


Tales of Green Hedges (1946)

1. The Poor Little Sparrow

2. The Dormouse and the Fairy

3. Old Mister glue-pot

4. The Bonnet Dame

5. Who would have thought it?

6. Black boot buttons

7. The tom thumb fairies

8. Would you believe it

9. Mister Quinks garden

10. Mollies Mud Pies

11. Andrew's Robin

12. The Ugly Old Toad

13. The snow white Pigeon

14. The witch's cat

15. The tale of silly-one and artful

16. Muddy-One and Pranky

17. The gossamer Elf

18. Tammylin's Friend

19. The tale of snips

20. The magic bubble pipes

21. The tale of jig and jog

22. Shellyback the tortoise

23. The cat without whiskers

The winter wide-awakes


The Strange Umbrella and other stories (Pub Pitkin 1949)

1.The Strange Umbrella

2. Sly-One's Sixpenny Ice-cream

3. The Clockwork Duck

4. The Magic Silver Thread

5. The frightened Teddy-Bear

6. The Rabbit that didn't grow up

7. The Tale of Higgle and Hum

8. The Little Boy who Cried


Enid Blyton's Good Morning Book

1.The Bear & the duck

2. A Fairy Secret

3. Treacle-Pudding town (a particlar favourite of mine as a child!)

4. Old Mother Wrinkle

5. Chinky takes a parcel

6. The Little Sugar House

7. Mrs. Tap-tap-tap

8. Twinkle's fur coat

9. The magic duster

10. The clever little cat

11. Sneezing powder

12. The giant limber-lumber

13. The robber who wasn't there

14. The wall paper bunnies

15. She was always at the bottom

16. Poor Mister Booh

17. The Pixies who forgot their corkscrew

18. What a good thing!

19. Trippit and the Witch

20. Magic in the nursery

21. Hoo Wong the wonderful conjuror


Midnight tea party

The babe we love

Nature Tales

Pip and the badger

A surprise for the wagtails

The thrush and his anvil

The silver trails


Nobody came to tea

Pip and the weather girl

Uncle Nat's Christmas Tree


Tales after Tea

The King of the Castle

The very silly boy

Billy-Bob and the farm

The girl who found sixpence

The cross old auntie

What a pity!

The whipping top

Miggle and stamp about.

Timothy's tadpoles

The big bad dog.

Billy's Bicycle

The Little racehorses.

The One legged monkey

The enchanted cloak

The two naughty boys.

The fat teddy-bear.

The capture of the bold, bad brownie.

She lost her memory.

A surprise for Mollie.


Tales after Supper

No quarrelling today

The little stray cat

The determined dustbin

Grumbling Grace

The Little boy who played alone

The tiny christmas tree

The big bad dog

Mollies motor car

Bad tempered bessie

Jimmy's cricket bat

Old Mr Meanie

Too-Little Tommy

The surprising Goldfish

Oh! what a big story

Billy-Bob has an adventure

Mister Twisty's Cough-Sweets

Chinky and the Poppy

The clockwork Mouse in Trouble


Tales at Bedtime

A tale of Sooty and Snowy

The boy they didn't like

Your'e Late

He wanted adventures

The fish that got away

Tom the Scout-Cub

The boy who wanted a Pet

They took the wrong Road

Mr Quite-Sure goes to the Fair

Junket through the Window


The fib that grew bigger

The motor-car twins

A Little mistake

Well, really, Rubbalong!

The Peculiar Bicycle


The Conjuring Wizard and other Stories

1. The conjuring Wizard

2. The Astonishing Curtains

3. Tick-a-Tock, the Greedy Rabbit.

4. Sly-One and the Honey-Pot

5. Snippity's Shears

6. What Bill and Betty Found

7. The adventurous Duck

8. Ho-Ho's Bad Penny

9. Spot and the biscuit - tin

10. The Sailor Doll goes to Sea.

11. Selfish Sammy

12. Goosey-Goosey-Gander

13. The rabbit's Whiskers

14. Angelina Jane

15. The Big Box of Chocolates

16. Oh, You crosspatch!

17. The Goblin and the Rocking-Horse

18. The Blackberry Gnome

19. Paddy-Paws and the Star

20. Peppermints for Granpa Pim

21. Belinda and the Bulbs

22. Tuppy's Beautiful Sunshade


Holiday Books

The Enid Blyton Holiday Book

The Pixie in the Pond

She wouldn't believe it

The golliwog who listened

Slip-around's wishing wand

The bumble-Bee and the rabbit

Green-Eyes' mistake

The tale of Lanky-Panky

Bobby the Cow-Boy

The Cockalorum Bird

The Magic Shell

The greedy little sparrow

Play - Here comes Santa Claus

The Pig that went to Market

The funny Old dragon

The mouse that lost his whiskers

Tig, the brownie robber

The firework goblins

The magic Sweet shop

The goblin looking glass

The tale of Bubble & Squeak

Mr Snifty's Dustbin

Good gracious Bruiny

The tale of Mr busybody

The rat, the dormouse and the robin

Little Mr Woffles

Oh Mister crosspatch

In the heart of the Wood

The Christmas Tree Pig

Rain in Toytown

The bit of Magic Paper

Pinkity's Party Frock

Billy's Little Boats

They don't believe in Fairies

The tale of Chuckle and Pip

Big-Hands and Nobbly

Joey's Lost Key

The top that ran away

The Christmas-Tree Fairy

The Poor Old Teddy

The Twiddley-Hen's Egg


The Second Holiday Book

The Naughty Little Blacksmith

The Angry Puppy

Giggle and Hop get into trouble

Peter's Good turn

The Doll in the Cushion

How high is your house

The flyaway Cottage

A garden seat and a dressing table

The tin whistle

The golliwog who smoked

The girl with whiskers

The cat who cut her claws

For the Christmas Tree

The astonishing Guy

He wouldn't go to sleep

Lavender Bundles

Polly's Ps and Qs.

The whistling Kettle

The Big Glass Marble

A few Christmas Puzzles

The Land of Nowhere

Three things to do.

She stamped her foot.

Christine's Kite.

The very strange pool.

To puzzle you.

The Humpy Goblin's kettle.

Christmas Tree Aeroplane

Bells! Bells! Bells!

Grannie's Bad Apple.

Connie's Curious Candle.

The Jumping Bean.

Safety First.

Never Mind.

Freddie has a job.

The Magic Clock.

The Clever Servant.

The Sparrow Servant.

A flock of Christmas robins.


The Third Holiday Book

Porridge Town

The biscuit tree

Paying it back

The cuckoo in the clock

Secret writing

The Loose shoe button

The train that broke in half

The boy whose toys came alive

The undressed golliwog

Mr Tans Old Puzzle

Pixie Mirrors

Silly Little goofy

The Magic rubber

The chocolate cigarette

The black sheep

Mr gobo's green grass

The stolen shadow

The enchanted button

Colin is a good policeman

The clockwork steamer

The peculiar boots

The toy soldiers adventure

The Little brownie house

Cross Aunt Tabitha

The balloon in the tree

The little lost hen

Peggy dolls

The wishing wand

A box of smoke rings

the broken gate

He was much too clever

Billy-bob's coconut!


three things to do in the autumn


The Fourth Holiday Book

Silly Sammy

He really was a nuisance

Amanda goes away

The two bad brownies

The Pig with Green spots

The Balloon Pipe

Queer Little Queenie

The Golliwogg and the Wireless

Betsy May in disgrace

Can you find the way, Brer fox?

He didn't say thank you.

The Old bicycle.

The Cloud kitten

Little Mrs Millikin

Penny through the hole

A riddle for you

The cat with a feathery tail

Two noisy children

The doll that fell out of the Pram

Silly-one and the jewels

A Great Big Story

Three proverbs for Goblin Green

A Hole in your hand

Billy and the Brownie

Mr Tantrum and the Fog

The boy who kicked

Derek's Motor car

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A gun to shoot your soldiers.

The girl who had hiccups.

The eighteen naughty imps.

The proud fir tree.

The surprising broom

The Little Gold Brooch

The string and ring puzzle.


Tell-A-Story Books

Ninth Tell a story Book

The Little Policeman

Hidden Away

Betsy-May and Giant-Boy

It's really True

Do you know?

Mrs Doodle loses her head

The surprising Cap

I'm Lost

Sammy and the Spider

Bad Manners

The rough little boy

Find the way to the treasure.

The Girl without a Fancy-Dress

Hunt in the wood.

Robin's Watering Can.

What's Wrong

The Lost baby mouse.

How many were there?

The meddlesome golliwog

The well mannered Scarecrow

Magic! (Poem)

Simple Simon and the goat

The Last Page of all (Poem)


The Fifth Holiday Book

The five little people

Poor old lazy bones

A rocking-chair for a doll's house

The sneezing dog

Something up the Chimney

He didn't know what to do.

Tell me their names.

Teddy Bear is naughty.

Tippy's Trick.

Rufus pay's back.

The Obedient Matches.

Amanda and the Bear.

Lazy Leonard.

What am I?

Four Little wheels.

The disappearing Presents.

A very peculiar sum.

The Brownie Biddle's Boots.

A day at Aunt Lucy's.

Make-Haste and be-careful.

The very long tail.

The tale of yah-boo.

Billy Bob keeps a school.

The whispering pool.

He never knew the time.

She hadn't any friends.

What's the answer - tell!

Foolish Little Sambo.

No present for Benny.

Untidy William.


Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual - 1967

The Silver Merman

Billy's Bubbles (poem)

The Prodigal Son

The Engine who ran away

The foolish Crow (poem)

Brer Fox Sells his family

Twinkles' Fur Coat

Mother Hubbard's Honey

Bluebell Time (Poem)

Bartimaeus the Blind Man

Mr. Goofy's Spell

Sea Song (Poem)

Impy Plays a trick

Secrets (Poem)

Brer Rabbits Easter Eggs

The Mischievous Top

Red Indians (Poem)

Duffy does his best

The forgetful Elves (Poem)

The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep

The Swallow Fairy

Jesus in the Storm

How the Wild rose Grew Tall


Enid Blyton's Bluebell story Book

Jimmy and the Jackdaw

Brownie and the Blackberries

The Little Toy-maker

One rainy Night

Oh, Sammy!

What happened to Frisky

Beware of the Bull!

Hallo, Man in the Moon

Sly the Squirrel gets a shock

The good old rocking-horse

Dame Roundy's stockings

Hide and Seek


My Enid Blyton Book (Published by Lutterworth with a picture of pixies and balloons on the front)

1. Who stole the crown?

2. Clickety-Clack.

3. The Little Walking House.

4. Gooseberry Whiskers.

5. The Pixie who killed the Moon.

6. Feefo goes to Market.

7. The Little Singing kettle.

8. Good Old Jumbo.

9. King Bom's Ice cream.

10. The boy who pulled tails.

11. Pipkin Plays a trick.

12. The Poor pink pig.

13. Mr Grumpygroo's Hat.

14. Fiddle-de-dee, the foolish brownie.


In general anthologies containing a selection of authors works

1. A Country Walk in England, illustrated by Tunicliffe. A non-fiction, beautifully colour illustrated country walk located in 'The Children's Wonder Book in colour number 2' Published by Odhams.

2. An unexpected adventure, illustrated by Desmond Waldock - a circus adventure, again beautifully illustrated in colour & black & white, located in 'The Children's Wonder Book in colour number 2' Published by Odhams.

3. The Seven Donkeys - a story about Lucy & Jack at the seaside, located in 'Every Girl's Annual' published by Juvenile Productions - (Our book reference 46751).

4. Father Time and his Pattern Book' in My favourite story Book; Thames Publishing; nd (book ref38305)

5.The Little Girl who cried in The Daily Mail annual for Boys and Girls, undated, but see our book ref 89531

6. The Prince and the Sparrowhawk in The Treasure Book of the world, undated, published by Blandford Press,  - see our book reference 65823 until sold.


 Daily Mail annual for boys & girls

1945 edition- our book ref 89567 whilst available

1.) 'You mustn't do that; 2) The Beautiful Big Bone; 3) Ho-Ho plays a trick; 4) The foolish frog; 5) games In goblinland 6) Policeman Billy -

In 1946 edition, our book reference 90670 whilst available.

1. Cosy's Good Turn. 2. The Magic Watering Can. 3. The Toys and the Goblins   4. Chinky and The Brownies.  5.  The Vanish Potatoes  6. The Big Plush Monkey