Common Abbreviations


Abbreviations used when describing books can be confusing. Here are some of the more common ones to help!

The following abbreviations concern the condition of the book and are used in descriptions:


M = Mint : book as new. 
F = Fine : Book in excellent condition but not absolutely as new. 
VG = Very Good : The book has imperfections, but is still in good condition. 
G = Good: the book is clearly second hand and has faults. 
P = Poor : the book can still be read, but is very shabby / damaged. 
+ ' and ' - ' refer to above or below the Category. 


When double abbreviations are used eg. VG / G the former refers to the book, the latter to the dustwrapper ( d/w )



pp = pages 
8vo = the average sized book 
4to = an 'oversized' book 
ed = edition / editor 
ltrs = letters 
cvr = cover 
fep = front endpaper
bk = book 
rep = reprint(ed)
nd = no date ( publishing )
d/w = dustwrapper 
US = United States 
ant. = anthology 
ex - lib = ex library book
imp = impression. 
edpr = endpaper