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Mabel Esther Allan - also wrote under pen names of Jean Estoril, Priscilla Hagon, Anne Pilgrim.

Mabel Esther Allan was born at Wallasey, Cheshire in 1915.  She was a prolific author of childrens books and wrote them under a variety of names.

From an early age Miss Allan read avidly and soon turned to writing short stories and novels. She wrote her first book for publication in 1939 - Grim Glen Castle, but, due to the outbreak of the second world war it was not published. Before this however she had had she had many short stories accepted and had sent many manuscripts to publishers. During the war Miss Allen, amongst other things, served in the Land Army. After the war she resubmitted her novel, and it was eventually published in 1948 as 'The Glen Castle Mystery'.  During her life Miss Allan travelled abroad, and used her favourite places as settings for her many stories. During her life Miss Allen published over 170 books for children and young adults. She died in 1998.


As Mabel Esther Allan

1938 Over the Sea to School BLACKIE
1948 Adventurous Summer, The MUSEUM PRESS
1948 Glen Castle Mystery WARNE
1948 Wyndhams Went to Wales, The SYLVAN PRESS
1949 Cilla of Chiltern’s Edge MUSEUM PRESS
1949 Holiday at Arnriggs WARNE
1949 Mullion HUTCHINSON
1949 Trouble at Melville Manor MUSEUM PRESS
1950 Chiltern Adventure BLACKIE
1950 Every Day Island MUSEUM PRESS
1950 Jimmy John’s Journey DEAN & SON LTD
1950 School Under Snowdon HUTCHINSON
1951 Exciting River, The NELSON
1952 Clues to Connemara BLACKIE
1952 MacIains of Glen Gilleon, The HUTCHINSON
1952 Return to Derrykereen WARD LOCK
1952 School in Danger, A BLACKIE
1952 School on Cloud Ridge, The HUTCHINSON
1952 School on North Barrule, The MUSEUM PRESS
1953 Lucia Comes to School HUTCHINSON
1953 Room for the Cuckoo DENT
1953 Secret Valley, The EJ ARNOLD & SON
1953 Strangers at Brogwerne MUSEUM PRESS
1953 Three go to Switzerland BLACKIE
1954 Adventure Royal BLACKIE
1954 Here We Go Round HEINEMANN
1954 Margaret Finds a Future HUTCHINSON
1954 Meric’s Secret Cottage BLACKIE
1954 New Schools for Old HUTCHINSON
1954 Summer at Town’s End, The HARRAP
1955 Adventures in Switzerland PICKERING & INGLIS
1955 Changes for the Challoners WARD LOCK & CO
1955 Glenvara HUTCHINSON
1955 Judith Teaches (DJ) BODLEY HEAD
1955 Mystery of Deddydane SCHOFIELD & SIMS
1955 Swiss School HUTCHINSON
1956 Adventure in Mayo WARD LOCK
1956 Amber House, The HUTCHINSON
1956 Balconies and Blue Nets HARRAP
1956 Flora at Kilroinn BLACKIE
1956 Lost Lorrenden BLACKIE
1956 Strangers in Skye HEINEMANN
1956 Two in the Western Isles HUTCHINSON
1956 Vine Clad Hill, The BODLEY HEAD
1957 Ann’s Alpine Adventure HUTCHINSON
1957 At School in Skye BLACKIE
1957 Black Forest Summer BODLEY HEAD
1957 Murder at the Flood STANLEY PAUL
1957 Sara Goes to Germany HUTCHINSON
1957 Seven in Switzerland BLACKIE
1958 Blue Dragon Days HEINEMANN
1958 Conch Shell, The BLACKIE
1958 Drina's Dancing Year - (Jean Estoril)
1958 House by the Marsh, The DENT
1958 Rachel Tandy HUTCHINSON
1959 Amanda Goes to Italy HUTCHINSON
1959 Catrin in Wales BODLEY HEAD
1959 Drina Dances in Exile - (Jean Estoril)
1959 Drina Dances in Italy - (Jean Estoril)
1959 Play to the Festival, A HEINEMANN
1960 Drina Dances Again –
1960 Shadow over the Alps HUTCHINSON
1960 Summer in Brittany, A DENT
1960 Tansy of Tring Street HEINEMANN
1961 Bluegate Girl HUTCHINSON
1961 Drina Dances in New York –
1961 Holiday of Endurance DENT
1961 Pendron Under Water HARRAP
1962 Drina Dances in Paris –
1962 Home to the Island DENT
1962 Schooldays in Skye (Omnibus) BLACKIE
1962 Signpost to Switzerland HEINEMANN
1963 Ballet Family, The METHUEN
1963 Drina Dances in Switzerland -
1963 Kate Comes to England HEINEMANN
1963 Sign of the Unicorn, The DENT
1964 Ballet Family Again, The METHUEN
1964 Clare goes to Holland -
Anne Pilgrim Abelard-S US 1962 UK
1964 Drina Goes on Tour-
1964 Fiona on the Fourteenth Floor DENT
1964 First time I saw Paris -
Anne Pilgrim Abelard Schumann US 1961, UK
1964 It Happened in Arles HEINEMANN
1964 Strangers in New York -
Anne Pilgrim Abelard-S (US and UK)
1964 Summer in Provence -
Anne Pilgrim Abelard-S (US and UK)
1965 Summer at Sea, A DENT
1966 Cruising to danger -
Priscilla Hagon World pub,
1966 In Pursuit of Clarinda DENT
1966 Ski-ing to Danger HEINEMANN
1966 Way Over the Windle, The METHUEN
1967 Dancing to danger -
Priscilla Hagon World Pub
1967 It Started in Madeira HEINEMANN
1967 Missing in Manhattan DENT
1967 Selina’s New Family ABELARD SCHUMAN
1967 Selina's new family -
Anne Pilgrim Abelard-S (US only)
1968 Castle of fear -
Priscilla Hagon Scholastic,
1968 Wood Street Secret, The METHUEN
1969 Climbing to Danger HEINEMANN
1969 Kraymer Mystery, The THE CRITERION
1970 Christmas at Spindle Bottom

1970 Dangerous Inheritance 

1970 Wood Street Group,

1971 May Day Mystery,

1971 Secret Dancer,

1971 Wood Street Rivals,

1972 An Island in a Green Sea

1972 Behind the Blue Gates

1972 Time to go Back

1973 Formidable Enemy,

1973 Wood Street Helpers,

1974 Chill in the Lane,

1974 Crows Nest

1974 Night Wind,

1974 Secret Players,

1974 Ship of Danger

1975 Away From Wood Street

1975 Bells of Rome,

1975 Bridge of Friendship

1975 Flash Children in Winter,

1975 Romansgrove

1976 Rising Tide,

1976 Trouble in the Glen

1977 My Family’s Not Forever

1977 View Beyond My Father,

1978 Pine Street Pageant,

1979 New York for Nicola

1979 Tomorrow is a Lovely Day

1979 Wood Street and Mary Ellen

1980 Mills Down Below,

1980 Pine Street Goes Camping

1981 Haunted Valley & Other Poems,

1981 Horns of Danger

1981 Pine Street Problem,

1981 Strange Enchantment,

1981 Strangers in Wood Street

1982 Goodbye to Pine Street

1982 Growing up in Wood Street

1982 To be an Author: a short Autobiography

1983 Alone at Pine Street

1983 Crumble Lane Adventure,

1984 Friends at Pine Street

1984 Secret in Spindle Bottom,

1984 Trouble in Crumble Lane

1985 Dream of Hunger Moss,

1985 Flash Children,

1985 More About Being an Author

1985 Pride of Pine Street,

1986 Crumble Lane Captives,

1986 Mystery in Spindle Bottom,

1986 Road to Huntingford,

1987 Crumble Lane Mystery,

1987 Up the Victorian Staircase

1988 Background Came First, The: My Books and Places Parts 1 & 2

1988 First Term at Ash Grove

1989 Road to the Isles and Other Places,

1990 Chiltern School

1990 Mystery of Serafina

1991 Queen Rita at the High School and Other School Stories (PRIVATELY PUBLISHED)

1992 Two Headgirls and Other Stories

1993 Ragged Robin Began It

1993 Way to Glen Braden 

1994 Cat off a Barrow

As Jean Estoril

1957 Ballet for Drina

1989 We danced in Bloomsbury Square (Ballet Twins, The)

1990 Drina Dances in Madeira

1991 Drina Ballerina

As Priscilla Hagan

1969 Mystery at the Villa Bianca - Priscilla Hagon World Pub

1970 Mystery of the secret square


Short stories by Mabel Esther Allan and her pen names & their sources

The School in the Valley - (Girls' Fun Annual 1955)

Gwyneth's Mountain Problem - (Girls' Fun annual 1955)

Irish Evening (Girls' Fun Annual 1950)

Saturday Island (Monster Book for Children - our ref 33574 while available)

Clarissa comes to Stay (Monster Book for children - our ref 33574 while available)

Snowbound at Carden Beck - (Every Girl's annual ref 85234 )

The Island Holiday - by Priscilla Hagan (or Priscilla Hogan, misprint in book) (Everygirl's annual as above 85234)

The camp on Summer Heath (The Pinnacle Story book for girls)

Sylvie in Skye (Action Book for Girls, 1967)

The Secret School (Champion Book for Girls)

The farm in Cornwall (Champion book for Girls)

The best term of all (Champion Book for Girls)

A Stranger in the Valley (Every girls Annual c 1949)

A school goes to camp (School Stories for Girls)

The girl from the Flashes (Chatterbox annual)

Command Performance (Our Girls' Brightest)

On Eliglyn Fawr (Chatterbox Annual c1951/52)

Winter Sports Holiday (Ideal Book for Girls)

Changes at Mundesse Court (Ideal Book for Girls)

The School that wasn't Welsh (The Modern Book for Girls & now also available in girls gone by edition of Chiltern School))

Mysterious Miranda (Ideal Book for Girls)

Danger on the Saltings (Ideal Book for Girls)

The Chameleon School (Ideal Book for girls - 1940's)

The Party at the Castle (Ideal book for Girls - 1940's)

Lucinda High & Dry (Our Girls'Yarns) - 1940's/50's, our book ref 68313)

The Strangers with a Pony (Adventure for Girls 1968, our book ref 66895)

The Exciting River (The disobedient cuckoo clock and other stories , Nelson) our book Ref 81739)

The Boy in the Boat (The Book for Girls our ref 83294)

The Lloyds are Late (The Children's Treasury, published by Juvenile Productions, our ref 87346 until sold)

Biddy Cooil's Secret (Splendid Book for girls, published mid 1940s by birns, mid 1940s our ref. 91171 until sold)

Morag the Mysterious (Splendid book for Girls, Published mid 1940's by Birns, mid 1940's our ref 91171 until sold)



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